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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fiction Writers Contest

Win a critique of the first 1,000 words of your opening chapter.

A kind recommendation from my critique partner:
When it comes to critiquing, Steph has a hawk's eye not only for grammar problems, but for story and plot issues. She continuously challenges me to become a better writer. It is largely due to her help that my contemporary romance is a finalist and my women's fiction a semi-finalist in the 2012 ACFW Genesis contest. If you're looking for an honest and detailed critique, I highly recommend Stephanie Prichard. --Brenda Anderson


1.   Sign up NOW to be a “Follower” (no later than August 11). 
      Look for FOLLOWERS on the right side of this page. Underneath it is a blue box that says “Join this site.” Click on it and follow the instructions.
Yes, you can be a follower without having to participate in the contest. Becoming a follower simply indicates you like my blog. :)

2.   Who can enter the contest?
Both unpublished and published authors may enter the contest. The winner will be given a code name to preserve anonymity.

3.   What should be submitted?
The entry must be an unpublished novel (i.e., not a short story, poem, essay, etc.). It does not need to be completed.
It must be your own original work.
It must be in English.

4.   What format should it be in?
Word 97 – 2003 or 2004, your choice of font and spacing (I’ll convert it to mine).

5.   How do you submit it?
As an attachment to me at ssp2and4u (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

6.   What should you include in the attachment?
Your name.
The genre of your entry (romance, mystery, etc.).
Title of your entry (optional).
The first 1,000 words of your opening chapter or prologue.

7.   WHEN should you send it?
Any time between August 1-11 but not before or after.

Winner will be drawn at random and notified no later than August 31.

In September, the winning entry will be posted along with my critique for a week and be available for comments from other readers of Grammar Yammer. 

CONTESTS will be held quarterly for old and new Followers.

The critique will comment on content such as—
#1 – an opening hook
#2 – scene setting
#3 – characterization
#4 – dialogue
#5 – scene flow
#6 – conflict and tension


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