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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Apostrophe

Grammar Rule #10: Use only an apostrophe to form the possessive of most plural nouns.

the flowers’ petals         lunch at the Browns’
the lasses’ hair              the Perezes’ marriage

A few irregular plural nouns form the possessive with an apostrophe + s.
         Example: the children’s playground, the sheep’s wool, the firemen’s fund, the oxen’s yoke

Grammar Rule #11: Organizations’ names that incorporate plural nouns as adjectives do not take on the possessive.

         Examples: Publishers Weekly, Diners Club, Midwest Writers Conference, Department of Veterans Affairs

Grammar Challenge—Your turn! Choose which answer is correct.
1. The (geese’s, geeses’) honks overhead attracted our attention.
2. All the (glasses’s, glasses’) lens were broken.
3. The Cancer (Survivors, Survivors’) Club met yesterday.
4. We’ve been invited to the (Lincoln’s, Lincolns’) for dinner.
5. Ten (bicycles’s, bicycles’) tires were flat.
6. My (Citizens’, Citizens) Gas bill is way too high.

FICTION WRITERS: WIN A CRITIQUE! More details added to tomorrow’s post.

1. geese’s
2. glasses’
3. Survivors
4. Lincolns’
5. bicycles’
6. Citizens

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