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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tips for Sharpening Your Writing Skills

WRITE TIGHT: Don’t waste words; get to the point.

1. Reduce long clauses to shorter phrases:
Wordy: The man who was in the taxi was wearing a tuxedo.
         Revised: The man in the taxi was wearing a tuxedo.

2. Reduce phrases to single words.

Wordy: The policeman at the end of the line pushed everyone forward.
Revised: The last policeman pushed everyone forward.

3.  Cut empty phrases.

Wordy: As far as I’m concerned, all things considered, it seems that all citizens should, at the present time, be allowed to vote.
Revised: All citizens should be allowed to vote.

Scissors Material:
all things being equal
all things considered
as a matter of fact
as far as I am concerned
at the end of the day
at the present time
due to the fact that
for all intents and purposes
for the most part
for the purpose of
in a manner of speaking
in my opinion
in the event of
in the final analysis
it seems that
the point that I am trying to make
type of


  1. I found the "Scissors Material" to be very helpful. I'm working on being too "Wordy" and cutting out my "Empty Phrases"! Glad for another great lesson :)

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I find I'm especially wordy-challenged when I try to make sure I'm being very, very (yawn) clear!


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