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Monday, April 30, 2012


Grammar Rule #1: ADJECTIVES compare two items by adding the word more or the suffix –er.

Almost all one-syllable adjectives add the suffix –er.
Examples: faster, kinder, poorer

·      If a one-syllable adjective ends in –e, drop the e before adding –er.
Example: wise à wiser

·      If a one-syllable adjective ends in –y, change the y to i before adding –er.
Example: dry à drier

·      Some one-syllable adjectives that end in a single vowel followed by a single consonant need to double the final consonant before adding –er.
Example: red à redder

Most two-syllable adjectives add the word more.
Examples: more patient, more famous

·      Some two-syllable adjectives add –er. Just shrug and memorize them. Apply the same rules as above if they end in -e or -y.
Exampleshumble à humbler, happy à happier

Almost all adjectives with three or more syllables add the word more.
Examples: more expensive, more intelligent

Never use both –er and more with an adjective.
Example: more faster = incorrect

Make sure you compare only two items with adjectives using more or -er.
Chicago is larger than Cowtown. (comparison of two cities = correct)
Chicago is larger than the other cities in Illinois. (comparison with multiple cities = incorrect)

Sam is taller than his brother. (comparison of two brothers = correct)
Sam is taller than his brothers. (comparison of more than two brothers = incorrect)

Grammar Challenge: Your Turn! Which word is correct?
1. The turtle is (slower, more slow) than the hare.
2. Sam is (funnier, more funny) than Suzy.
3. Andy is (shorter, more short) than the other family members.
4. The eagle is (fiercer, more fiercer) than the owl.
5. Toast without butter is (dryer, drier) than a cracker.
6. Angie is (diligenter, more diligent) than Beth.
(Answers are below.)


1. slower
2. funnier (one of those you shrug at and memorize)
3. incorrect comparison of more than two items
4. fiercer
5. drier
6. more diligent

How did it go? Any questions?

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